Writers Wanted

I won’t pretend to be the premier expert on boating, fishing, water sports, and the nautical ladder.  So, I’m always open to accepting new contributors.  The only thing I ask is that you are passionate about water life.  If you are… here are a few of the requirements that I request you follow:

Guest Article Requirements:

  • The article must be an original work that is comprehensive, specific and has personality.  Unoriginal, dull and generic articles will not get published.
  • The minimum word count is 1,200 words, with no maximum.
  • Try to have the article reflect a personal writing style.
  • Please include at least 2 original (you took them yourselves) photos.
  • Include an author bio complete with picture/logo.  You can place a maximum of one link to your own website in your bio.  This is the only place we will allow a dofollow link to your content.
  • Please avoid being self-promotional in the body of your article.  Save that for your author’s bio.
  • Submit your article as a Word document with image files (including attribution) attached separately.
  • Remember to properly attribute data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.

How To Submit Your Guest Article

If you’re still with me and you’re ready to submit a guest article… email it to admin [at] escaleranautica [dot] com with your ideas or your completed guest post.

I may not respond to all submissions due to the volume of requests I receive.  If your article meets our requirements and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published.  This process may take up to 2 weeks.

BTW: If you’re a great writer and you’re looking for a permanent gig… we may be able to help.  Email me at admin [at] escaleranautica [dot] com with your writing samples.